Stay flexible in every sense!

Powerball bei Elektro Uhlemeier_600pix ©P-S

Great demand from Germany, Switzerland and also from Africa just do not let boredom arise.

Three system storage units each with a capacity of 11 kilowatt hours and 100 percent recyclable lead-acid batteries were delivered to southern Germany last week and will be installed in the coming weeks. All three systems use lead-acid battery technology and are fully eligible under German federal and state law.

Despite the free choice between lithium-ion battery technology and lead-acid battery technology, lead is the most sought-after battery technology at Powerball Systems.

No matter which battery technology operators choose, with a Powerball system energy storage system they remain flexible in battery technology and other areas. The battery technology can be changed at any time in our storage systems, if, for example, there should be other, more powerful battery technologies in the future.

Our motto „stay flexible“ continues. Also, the capacity of our storage is scalable, expandable at any time and even after years. „Start small & grow capacity when needed“ is a unique feature of our systems. In addition there are grid and island operation, the extension to emergency power supply, as well as open interfaces for the integration of different energy producers and consumers.

Equipped for the future and stay flexible – with Powerball system.