Less visitors – better contacts

Review of the Off-Grid Experts 2019

Off-Grid_Experst Messe in Augsburg 2019

Powerball-System at the Off-Grid Experts 2019 in Augsburg f.l. Installer from Cape Verde, Dipl.Ing. Mathias Grässl, Dipl.Ing. Thomas Weeber, Powerball Partner manfred Lehner © Powerball-Systems

This year the „Off-Grid-Experts“ was organized for the first time in the fair Augsburg. Arguments were, more space, more possibilities and the great rush at the last off-grid experts in the year 2017. However, compared to other trade fairs, we did not have many visitors, but the potential of the talks was promising.

Particularly promising was a contact to Cape Verde, where Powerball had already installed a power storage in 2017. After a long discussion at the fair, a personal visit to Cape Verde for concrete projects was discussed.

Another interested party from Lebanon was looking for suitable power storage systems for use in the Middle East and Africa. He announced his visit to our company in Switzerland for concrete agreements.

Representatives from Cameroon and Ethiopia were also interested in our system memory at the fair. We already have concrete inquiries about several storage systems in different service areas.

We are satisfied with the result of the fair. The memory concept with the possibility to operate different battery technologies in parallel, with and without emergency power function, as well as high flexibility in performance, capacity and programming for on- and off-grid use is obviously interesting for users on many continents and not only in the first world.