Application & Extension

Stromspeicher Anwendungen und Erweiterungen

Anwendungen und Erweiterungen


You do not have to adapt to your Powerball, a Powerball System storage adapts to your needs.
The storage capacity can be adjusted between 3,5-96 KWH depending on your demand and can be extended anytime – even after years. You always get a complete system with storage cells, charge controller, and inverter at a price which ensures profitablity of the system even without sponsorship.

  • Photovoltaic (New- and existing plants) Powerball storage systems increase the personal consumption and thus increases an autarkic enery supply for your home, business and industry. At the same time you have a maximum in flexibility regarding later extensions, e.g. if the energy demand increases through installation of a heat pump.
  • Wind power The storage system of Powerball Systems is the perfect solution for small wind power plants and your own energy transformation. Flexible, reliable and sustainable like the energy from renweable energy plants.
  • Mini-BHKW Use the energy from your own KWK-Plant, increase your own consumption and  your autarkic energy supply with a Powerball system storage and profit from all benefits for your power-heat coupling.
  • Hydropower: With the help of a Powerball energy storage, a hydroelectric plant easily becomes a self-contained power plant, which easily manages peak performances.


  • Emergency power supply:

In case of a power cut, Powerball offers a provision with 230 volt, for example for the heating system. This is in particular important for wood heatings that can collapse during a power cut and cause a house fire. A backup power supply, which is independent from from the public energy network, is currently in progress.

  • User control:

Powerball storages control their charge station from an electric vehicle. From September 2016 on, also available for the end consumer, for example for different households appliance.

  • Activation of heat pumps:

Powerball storages coordinate the energy flow and use energy gained from the photovoltaic plant to either operate the heat pump or to charge the energy storage, depending on the current demand.

  • Hot water system with excess power:

Powerball storages organize autonomously the redirection of excess-energy from the photovoltaic plants into a scalable immersion heater. However, the storage only starts with the redirection after all users of a household are sufficiently provided with self-generated energy. As a last procedure Powerball would redirect excess energy into the public energy network.

  • Socket control:

tarting from autumn 2016 onwards, Powerball systems can also control other devices which are plugged into sockets.

  • Timer function:

With the timer function the energy supply of a Powerball system can be deactivated at specific times. For example, this can be interesting if a user can buy energy in the market that is cheaper than their own procured energy.

(Subject to change)