Advantages battery

5 Advantages of the Powerball-System battery:

  • 100% recyclable:

Vorteile BatterieEnergy storages are environmental technologies and should be a sustainable product from production until disposal. Therefore, Powerball-Systems uses lead-calcium battery technologies. Lead-calcium batteries can be recycled at 100% with an approved technology. Specialists collect lead-batteries at the end of their utilization and reuse all used materials. Lithium ion batteries can be returned, however their recycling is still in development. If in future a better battery technique will be available, which is recyclable at 100%, it can be easily used in Powerball storage systems, even in existing plants.

  • Completely maintenance free:

Powerball-Systems only uses high-quality lead-calcium batteries, which have fully encapsulated storage cells with a high run-time and a maximum of security. No maintenance is needed, as the battery cells have no H2O-Loss, which is another advantage besides the fact that lead-calcium-batteries are completely recyclable.

  • Only 3% self-discharge::

At room temperature Powerball storages loose between 1% and 3% of  saved energy each month – a very low value.

  • No increased fire hazard compared to other technologies:

Lead gel batteries have a low risk of fire hazard, which is another argument for using this technique in the Powerball storages. Besides the complete encapsulation, the Powerball Systems are secured against the development of oxyhydrogen with a 4 step security system.

Lithium ion batteries ignite at 425° Celsius and need to be cooled down to under 15° Celsius to be turned off. This is hardly possible by using normal water. A risk – besides the unexplained question of recycling – which we do not want to expect of our clients.

  • Raw materials available and cheap price

Lead-calcium-batteries are made of raw materials, which are sufficiently available on earth and which are also easy to obtain and cheap. This is another reason for the exceptional cost effectiveness of the Powerball storages.